Curious People

“Hey, Sue?”

“Yes, Terry?”

“This is, like, the hundredth project we’ve collaborated on.”

“Only the hundredth.”

“We should start a new label.”

“I’ve been thinking the same thing. That’s peculiar.”

“It’s more a Curious thing, actually.”

Sue Wright

Sue is Sue Wright who works with economists by day and is the Director, Editor and maker of tea at Tiny Owl Workshop, by night.

When not publishing stories on pillows or napkins or inside Krampus Crackers she can be found collaborating with writers and artists on The Lane of Unusual Traders,  an amazing shared world building project.


Tiny Owl Workshop

Terry Whidborne

Terry is Terry Whidborne who works in advertising developing TV commercials starring Llamas, Ferrets and children with buckets on their heads for big corporate clients.

On the side, he creates stories and animations and illustrates books. His latest book is the 4th book in the Word Hunter series, with Nick Earls.

He is also the creator of the online world building project, the Westbury Faery.

The Westbury Faery book, due out in early 2018, will be the first book published under the Curious label.

The 7th World