Before the birth of Curious, Sue and Terry went down to Melbourne to pitch the Lane of Unusual Traders (a Tiny Owl Workshop project) to producers in the 2015 MIFF 37ยบ South Market.

They came away with interest in another project.

The Westbury Faery was an idea Terry had floating around the back of his brain. He wanted to plant evidence through various online platforms for writers to discover and build their own amazing faery story.

A box is found full of artifacts that elude to a faery coming from Ireland to Van Diemens Land in the 1800s.

As the Lane of Unusual Traders was a much bigger project, Terry and Sue wondered if the Westbury Faery could be a better fit for the producers.

Plot Media loved the idea and when Canada-based Log Cabin Productions came on board it grew from there. Through lots of research, Terry was able to link Ireland to Quebec then onto Van Diemen’s Land. All using real historical facts, he then weaved a story spine combining all the elements.

Through Plot Media and Log Cabin Productions we nabbed some fantastic funding from CMF and Screen Australia. It was now time for Terry to start building props and creating colour illustrations to help get the writer’s juices flowing.

Here’s some examples of his props, designs and illustrations.

Log Cabin Productions and Plot Media brought it all to life through a short film, augmented reality, website and social platforms.

Sue is now head down with a very large pot of steaming tea, reading the submissions. Once the stories have been selected, Sue will begin the editing process.

This book of collected stories will be the first book printed under the Curious imprint.